Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Eve

Posted by PicasaWe had a little party at our house with the Hooten's and Rebecca and her boys!! We played Band Hero and most of us made it till midnight except Lexi!!

The Joy of Winter...

Posted by PicasaWent sledding at Mount Dell Golf Course at Christmas!!! It was a lot of fun and Great exercise for us all except Lexi she had it easy!! We spent a few days and grandma and grandpa crossman's time share in Midway. Nice little vacation!!

Fun Christmas Day

Posted by PicasaThis year's Christmas was a lot of fun!! I don't know if it was the excitment that we saw in Isaac or the fact that we kept Lexi busy all day long with her new doll toys. It was pure enjoyment to watch my kids this year!! Maybe I'm realizing that they won't stay little forever and that I need to soak up each moment I have!! That is why my blogging has been a long time coming.

Princess Kylee and her dance performance

Posted by PicasaOur dear sweet Kylee had her second dance recital in the beginning of December!! She did amazing and was so excited about it!! When she came to sit by us after she got done dancing the first words out of her mouth were "where are my flowers?" Like I knew you got me some so you better be giving them to me now!! She loves to dance and she is definitely ALL GIRL, attitude and all!!


Posted by PicasaYes in the top pictures she does have make up on!! Lately we've had issues because Lexi has figured out how to open doors!!! Ugh
A few months ago we found out that Lexi had a popcorn husk in her bronchial tube and that is why she had been wheezing for 6 months!! Can you imagine having something stuck in your airway? It was close to going into the lung, but very luck it didn't and that she didn't get pneumonia from where the husk was.
Anyway we are always on our toes with this little girl around!!


Posted by PicasaThis was a fun time at Halloween for all of us Crossman's!! We had the Swine Flu the week before Halloween. Luckily Lexi didn't have it too bad and the rest of the kiddo's were pretty mild as well!! However I had it the worse and Robert he didn't get it...though I was hoping he would because he had a work business trip the next week!! Halloween was very mild as we were all recovering from lack of energy!!

Happy Birthday Lexi!!

Posted by PicasaLexi turned 2!! She had a great day as if you can't tell!! Her favorit bday gift was her princess scooter!! I love this age. I just hope I can enjoy every moment of her before I no longer have a baby....Oh wait she really isn't a baby any more is she? She is so cute with Isaac and Kylee!!